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To be sure…NONE of us ever anticipated the extended time frames that we would by necessity endure, being unable to meet, fellowship and yes, preach in a normal church setting. However, with some exceptions that is how it has been since mid-March now.

This quite naturally has forced those of us that did not already have an online presence to at least EXPLORE ways in which we could minister effectively to our churches and communities.

I have attached a thoughtful article below to continue to provoke your thought processes in exploration of ways for us all to be as effective as possible in our ministry pursuits. The link in the article will take you to the complete article in Christianity Today. Be blessed as you read:

Charlie Speelman, DOM

“What was your last “normal sermon” like? If you had known it would be the last time you were going to be face-to-face with your congregation for many months would you have changed anything about your message? Would you have interacted differently with those in the same room as you? Shaking hands with those that had heard you preach, listening to those questions and concerns people made to you in the intimacy of a one-to-one conversation at the back of the church building, catching someone’s eye, waving an encouragement across a crowded room, lingering until the last person has left the building—did we make the most of that last opportunity?

Face-to-face preaching is already beginning to feel like a distant memory. I miss eye contact. I miss the immediacy of a laugh, a nod, or a tear in response to my preaching. I miss watching the impact of a scriptural truth landing with a room full of people. I miss seeing God at work in the different ways people respond at the end of a service. Sometimes I miss it so much, I fear I am at risk of missing the potential of screen sermons.

Preaching in a pandemic brings many new and amazing opportunities.

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