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Pastors and their churches who really want to reach people for the Messiah are passionate about their personal mission and core values therefore:
  • They live their mission and values – do you?
  • Will pay the price to proclaim the Gospel – will you?
  • They are able to articulate their passion in a few short sentences – Can you?
Observations on Reaching People for the Messiah
                Do you know where to go to reach the interested?


                When we talk to a person on the street or in the home or wherever, do you know what to say to create within that person the desire to want to know more?  ? In the media one liner messaging grabs attention and creates within the prospect the desire to know more.  How many one liner statements or questions do you know that stimulates interest in hearing the Gospel?


Do you know how to hyper-target, that is do you know how to contact the interested with concise information that will cause them to want to know more?
A key to reaching people is to recognize that we operate at the speed of life; can you adapt to meet the needs of your community when sudden change occurs or disaster strikes?


Most non-relational marketing is being done digitally, what are you doing to attract those who live
online to the message of the Gospel?


Of all the people in the world and your community which ones should you seek to reach first? Have you studied enough to know how to target them? Can you speak their language and know how they live? Can you live among them to reach them?


Do you understand the needs of those you are seeking to reach, when was the last time you did a demographic study and took the time to comprehend what it was telling you?

Want to get the word out about what God is doing through your church?  Get to know those who do the marketing in the community, the chit-chatters, the media marketers, the admissions director of the vocational and traditional colleges,and adapt the tools they use to promote the cause of Christ and your church’s ministries.


The testimony is still the most powerful tool you have….what will a committed member say about their relationship to Christ and your church?  Have you ever had a testimony night at your church in which your members invited guests to hear why they are followers of Christ?


Your first line of reaching people for our LORD: Work with and equip those who are your cutting edge people, the real committed.  Do you know who they are and have you discipled them? Love the rest an pray that they will grow into committed followers too.

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