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Once there was a man who had two sons. The first son was handsome and famous, self-centered and thousands upon thousands flocked to see him perform his art. The second son wasn’t anything to look at and only the faithful knew about his work. He labored hard and gave everything he earned to save people.

The First son died.  The pastor of the big church was only acquainted with this son but because the father asked him to officiate at the funeral service he said to himself, “Self, I must officiate at his funeral; it will be one of those long services. However, I will be seen and so he rearranged his schedule to go officiate at the famous son’s funeral. The pastor thought, “Perhaps the church is in his will, beside it will only be a few long hours of my day. I can put up with it. The father was grieved because the son gave no evidence of being a follower of Christ. Later it was announced the son gave nearly all his wealth to his dog.

Not many months later the second son died, too.  When his father visited in his son’s apartment he found no food in his home, one suit from the Salvation Army, many prayer lists, and long lists with people he had a heart to share the Gospel with and help.  His Bishop was called to officiate at his funeral but he did not have time, he had a golf tournament to attend with the local community leaders. So, the father called the pastor.  The pastor of the big church was much better acquainted with this young pastor and thought to talk to him about his ministry but every time he scheduled an appointment the son was sick and could not meet with him because he was helping lost and needy people. The pastor thought to himself, ‘Self, I don’t have time for this funeral service besides I barely know this son and his kind of funeral lasts too long. I have other things to do and so he made an excuse to get out of attending the service.

And I say to you, the faithful will see the blessing of the LORD but as for the Bishop and pastor of the big church, what blessings have they?

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