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Keeping Your Church Healthy – Starts with You
1.  Dream:  Write your dreams down on paper whereby God gets the glory given what He has commanded.

2.  Create a written list of  people you want to see led to Christ and discipled.  A list helps you see the possibilities.  Add to your list daily.

3.  Contact people:  Don’t think when, but how am I going to contact the person.  Be accountable to your church and your mentor in this area.

4.  Share the plan of salvation and once you have led a person to Christ teach him or her what you have been taught, don’t wait to start the process.  Set a goal:  12 people per year working with you to do what you are doing given their gifts and talents.

5.  Follow up with those you disciple and never deviate from your godly dream to see people won to Christ and developed into well-informed responsible followers of Christ.

6. Be Committed  to the basic vital signs of  a true-follower and healthy church builder.  

 7.  Review your progress.

Review your healthy church vital signs and personal vitals signs for  a strong fellowship with the LORD and His church.

Develop a relationship with your mentor for counseling and encouragement, someone who has a vested interest in you,  a person who has been there and is proven.

Stay focused.


Want more information on keeping your church healthy?  Did the above move you to say ‘ya but,’ or want additional clarification?  Feel free to call or email me: Don Parker –  or 760.490.3444 for more information or discussion.


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