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1 Samuel 16:7 – “…the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” yet “… we are His workmanship created in Christ Jesus for good works,” Genuineness:  It’s a vital issue in the church as it relates to reaching people for Christ ‘as you go’ and ‘when they come.’  Can a person be genuine yet be ‘blue,’ hurting inside or experiencing a variety of other painful emotions? Can you put a smile on your face when you don’t feel like it and still be genuine?  What about when you just ‘gotta get that task completed?’

Ministers of the gospel are constantly confronted with those with ‘attitude’ and their own ‘attitude.’  Whether you are a greeter at your ministry location or a preoccupied pastor with a ton of things on your mind genuiness is vital to your ministry.  People pick up on pre-occupations and any other ‘attitude’ that can hurt our well intentioned efforts.

How can you remain genuine in the sea of distraction?

Be an interested observer and listener.  Remind yourself that you are called to reach people not tasks as you carry out your ministry. You may be busy but you should never be too busy for those you are called to serve.  I haven’t met a great minister who wasn’t a humble servant.

While serving as a bivocational pastor I taught third grade.  On a day I walked up on my principal moping up a student’s vomit shortly before school began.  I knew she had an important meeting to attend with the school board.  When asked, “Isn’t there a janitor that could do that?” She replied, “The pay’s the same.”  The servant is never too busy to serve those in need.  Yes, she was late to the school board meeting and word spread like wild fire about her servant’s heart.

Be a genuine servant and you will be blessed – just be intentional.

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