The Parable of the Preacher

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Written by Don Parker

Once there was a certain preacher.  On a Sunday his heart was full and he desperately sought to honor God through his sermon.  He was overcome with passion for God’s love and truth to be lived.  His voiced raised, his countence changed, he was not himself.  One woman thought, why does he have to yell?  I don’t like yelling!  Another thought whose he mad at?  I don’t like the way he directly points out the sins of the people.  Another, cracked with a smirk on her face, what did he drink, two red bulls?  The preacher got louder, he moved about the platform, his face was filled with fire…A self-righteous old ‘bitty’ said, ” I will talk to my husband about him, he must be mad. Something is bothering him, he needs help.  But the preacher standing afar off on the platform had a broken heart, a heart who cried out that he would honor God having been cleansed by God’s grace, mercy and love.  His message was deeply rooted in God’s Word.  Many in the crowd that day resented his message.  Who did he think he was!? I tell you the truth, ‘those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who humble themselves with be exalted.’

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